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The HAIDER BIOSWING® principle

HAIDER BIOSWING®: Fuel for body and mind

Haider Bioswing Seating Systems (english)

Many millions of people work every day sitting, most of them in front of a screen. This is associated with much greater strain than previously thought. Because of this, the office chair, where a person spends approximately 80,000 hours over the course of his working life, has become increasingly important for the prevention of illness and physical and mental performance.

Most office chairs are rigid or have very limited or very abrupt seat movement. This is due to the rigid connection between the seat and chair legs or underdeveloped movement technology. But many people are now ahead of others. They have realized that you can bring momentum to body and mind, even when just sitting in your office.

With the original HAIDER BIOSWING® technology, your normal seating posture is converted into healthy movement. HAIDER BIOSWING® office chair prevents the body from maintaining a monotonous position for long periods of time.

For every movement made by its user, it initiates a counter-movement.
In this way, HAIDER BIOSWING® trains the musculature and parts of the nervous system involved in maintaining posture whenever the user sits on it – just like a PERSONAL TRAINER®.

Several Universities and Research institutions have conducted studies that demonstrate the positive effects of the HAIDER BIOSWING® on physical and mental performance and feeling.