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Use of the "Piwik" analytics software

We use the "Piwik" analytics software ( This collates statistics about visits to our website ("utilisation profiles").

With the assistance of the "AnonymizeIP" module, we have set up Piwik in such a way that your IP address (the number which your internet service provider has assigned to your computer) is saved only in abbreviated format. The utilisation profiles generated by Piwik are thus pseudo-anonymised, i.e. it is effectively impossible to trace the usage back to a specific person. In addition, the pseudo-anonymised utilisation profiles are kept separate from our other data (e.g. personal data obtained from the utilisation of our services or contact form) via technical and organisational measures, and are not linked up by us.
The utilisation profiles contain such information as the search engines used, the search terms used, the languages used, the internet service providers used, the origins of the users according to country, the browsers and plugins used, the referrers (websites visited immediately beforehand), the duration of the visit, entry pages, exit pages and bounce rates.

We use the data thus gained for making our website more user-friendly, e.g. by identifying which information is accessed the most frequently or where there is room for improvement in the usability of our website. 

Piwik uses a tracking cookie in order to recognise users who have previously visited our website. This cookie is a small text-based file with a random identification number, which is saved on your computer and transmitted to our server every time you access our website. 

With the following function, you can opt out of the use of the tracking cookie:


To implement this opt-out, an opt-out cookie must be saved on your computer. If you delete all the cookies on your computer, you thereby also end your opt-out. You might then have to renew your opt-out from the use of tracking cookies using the above function.

Piwik is a piece of open-source software ( which is classed by the Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein (Independent State Centre for Data Protection Schleswig-Holstein, ULD) as fundamentally compliant with data protection laws.