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HAIDER BIOSWING® was honoured in 1996 with the Bavarian State Prize for outstanding scientific and technological achievements and in 2006 with the Bavarian Innovation Award. The distinction from the BGIA is a result of our long-term research with scientists, ergonomists and physicians, as well as the superb work of our highly motivated employees.

HAIDER BIOSWING®: Winner of the “Ergonomic study of special office chairs" study by the BGIA on behalf of the DGU.

The HAIDER BIOSWING® chair received the highest marks in the BGIA study.

1st place for impact on work performance, health and well-being

1st place for dynamic qualities and mobility of seats and backrests


The 2012 Wellness Innovation Award and positive reviews from various institutes and universities followed. No other seating system is more closely aligned with the logic of people’s bodies and movements and provides such intelligent solutions for active, performance-enhancing and healthy sitting.

* The 1st prize went to an infrared cabin by Klafs.