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The HAIDER BIOSWING® principle


BIOSWING - Our sensorimotor system (2014, english)

HAIDER BIOSWING® is the world’s only interactive office chair.

Highly efficient oscillating elements as integrated into this seating system transform even the slightest vital impulses, such as cardiac and respiratory rhythms, directly and automatically into continuous, relaxing and activating pulses. Muscles, joints and discs are activated and trained. The brain and nervous system also benefit. Neural networks are expanded, significantly increasing mental performance. People who use their office to train with HAIDER BIOSWING® daily are always ahead of the curve. In body and mind
The body is thus automatically relieved of stiffness, positional monotony and prolonged muscle tension in any seated position. But despite these dynamics, sitting never feels unstable, but rather results in a perfect, automatic equilibrium between dynamic and stable movement. Rubber shock absorbers prevent from involuntarily oscillating too fast.

This protects against back problems and fatigue, and increases productivity.
HAIDER BIOSWING® also provides a wonderful sense of freedom when sitting on it – something which every user will immediately appreciate and never wants to miss it again.